Saturday, June 18, 2005

Coldplay strikes it ace.

Based on my experience in the so-called uncanny Britpop scene, it is a norm for a Rock band to establish it’ fame as soon after the launch of their second album or if not, the next debut album.
This was proven true, based on Coldplay’s achievement where their band was paving their path way of fame during the launch of their second album the highly anticipated and loved by critics and audiences, A Rush of Blood to the Head, reached the 11 Million copy sold worldwide. The album was declared as a global success.
Months after with the great anticipation, their third album finally arrived with a formulated title, X & Y. As this for their die-hard fan, the material shows a remarkable progression from the classic Coldplay sound but now adorned with blends of 1970s electronica and prog rock influences.
Their first single out namely, The Speed of Sound has secured the first spot in the UK Chart from last month and still to this very moment.

Oasis the Superstar

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols really have made huge impacts on the music industries last millennium as they intrigues me very much during the leap of my childhood years that was back few decades ago. During that time my peers were to be like humming lullabies, into weird traditionalism and singing tunes without really understanding those words of the hitherto superstar - The Beatles.
During my teen years, I managed to indie-dived the scene and found myself few so-called treasures of the Britpop’s as the urban Londoners called these British rock talents and instantly liking –it –much such as the phenomenon The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, The Blue tones and The Oasis.
If by any chance I am encouraged to take survey amongst today’s teenagers and ask their sincere opinions - that if they by any possibilities that‘ll results indie-rock as their favorite band, a small community will raise their hands and majority will say, they love The Oasis.
So here’s a very good news to eager fans of this gigantic-rock star, their latest album that is the 6th follow-up of the 2002 Heathen Chemistry is finally out. They are called “Don’t Believe The Truth” and reviews shows positive yet highly praised responses. It’s time to grab one.

Alan McGee wrote:
“They’ve grown up. This is a grown-up record; it might not be cool to make an album like that but guess what? They’ll sell a million”.
John Harris wrote:
“Cranked-up chutzpah”